Our Story

Hi, my name's Gemma and I am the founder and creator of The Cosy Crypt. I am an animal loving, fragrance obsessed, plant witch who adores Halloween and all things gothic. I live in a small town in West Yorkshire with my 2 miniature dachshunds Milo and Dex, fiance Richard and step-son Luke. 
I really wanted to create pieces that you could not only use, but would also take place in your homes as artistic pieces to display. I have always had a deep interest in art and graphic design and now work alongside my partner to create unique moulds for our candles that you will not find anywhere else. My designs are drawn up, 3D printed and from this a mould is made. I particularly enjoy making these type of candles and wax melts as it is really satisfying to see the design and creative process from beginning to end. It makes me so happy seeing you display our pieces in your homes and constantly have to pinch myself that this is my career. 
Thank you so much for coming along on this journey with us and your endless support, it truly means the world!
- Gemma